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Dr. Angelo Marinakis of Active Life Chiropractic is your chiropractor for Round Rock, Hutto, Pflugerville, North Austin, Georgetown and Cedar Park. Our San Marcos location serves San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, New Braunfels, and Seguin. We provide expert care for wellness support and for acute conditions such as headaches, TMJ pain, neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel pain, hip pain, knee pain and foot pain.

At Active Life Chiropractic in Round Rock, we are passionate about providing family wellness chiropractic care for adults and children to enhance energy, mobility and general well being. Everything we do at Active Life Chiropractic is designed to empower you to enjoy better movement, better energy and better healing. We believe that a healthy life is an active life and chiropractic care is a vital component of your active life.

Chiropractic care supports your body’s ability to heal itself by correcting interference to the flow of energy and information over your nervous system. These areas of interference in the spine are called vertebral subluxations. Chiropractors detect, locate and correct subluxations. Correcting subluxations restores optimal nervous system function which in turn supports better healing, better movement and better energy.

We are often asked: When should I have my spine checked?

  • Are you noticing your POSTURE is out of balance?
  • Are you experiencing neck pain, back pain, leg pain or arm pain?
  • Are you lacking energy?
  • Are you suffering with too frequent colds?
  • Are you suffering with seasonal allergies that seem to be getting worse?
  • Do you have frequent or constant headaches?
  • Are you under significant stress?
  • Are you looking for a natural, drug free strategy to support a healthy lifestyle for you and your family?

Chiropractic care is a safe, convenient and affordable solution that offers amazing individualized wellness benefits. We look forward to helping you!

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My little Portie came out of her crate one morning and didn’t want to walk. She hurt. Dr. Angelo watched her walk, had her up on the table and gave her a twitch on her lower back and she was a different dog. It was astonishing. As an agility dog her health and comfort are really important to me. She and I are really grateful for Dr. Angelo’s care. She gets regular maintenance checks now.

Salima B.

I’ve been coming consistently for a full year…and let’s just say it’s been life changing in many ways, but was has stand out the most is that I suffer from terrible seasonal allergies and and this year I haven’t really had any symptoms! I strongly believe Dr. Angelo has worked some magic that I have been searching for years! Thank you…

Lisa G.

Chiropractic for dogs! Our 9 year old 100+ lb Ridgeback mix Kona was having issues with his hips and hind legs. We started with the traditional therapy approach of prescription meds and saw very little improvement. We were pretty much resigned to treating Kona like a geriatric dog whose better days were behind us. Fortunately we were referred to Dr. Marinakis at Active Life Chiropractic. His treatments are precise and gentle. Kona loves the treats and the pets. We love the results. Over the past several months we have seen marked improvement in Kona's stability, strength, and pain level. We are even back to playing his favorite game of tug-a-war. It's been a gift.

Henry J.

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